•Documentative process
•Layout design
•Video editing
RAP’N’RHYL is a documentary project which aims to depict my experiences of my hometown; Rhyl alongside a culture I’m active in; Rap and how it effects how I see the world around me whilst I have the music in my ear. When listening with my earphones walking through town, I’m in two worlds at once. The colour schemes are influenced by the colours found in both cultures. The pink reflects the colour of drugs used and discussed by rappers, and could also portray the large amount of lyrics about females and rappers relationships with them. The darker Blacks and Grays are associated with the streets/street culture which is evident in both cultures.

Rhyl & Rap zine

• Documentative process
• Layout Design
• Photo manipulation
Rhyl & Rap is a comparitive zine, comparing the urban culture and dialect of the area I grew up in with that of American Rap culture. As well as comparing the dialect, I also created a juxtaposition between imagery, mixing run-down buildings and items with expensive items possesed by rappers. I chose to document these to areas because I thought there were interesting areas that compare and contrast such as deprivation and motivation to aspire for a better life. Listening to rappers describe how they made it in the music industry and the expensive items and homes they own makes me want to work on my craft too. When printed out, I wanted the zine to have an imperfect feel to it because a lot of work needs to be put into Rhyl and I believe it’s pretty rough.

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