‘YEAR0001’ 25th Anniversary - Visual identity project

• Visual Identity
• Merchandise design
• Poster Layout
• Vinyl design
• Typeface design
• Image experimentation

This project was made to visualise the eclectic roster of the YEAR0001 label.
The label frequently aims to push boundaries in multiple genres, most notably in rap, pioneering a new sound in the early 2010s. During the project I created promotional material for a hypothetical anniversary of the label with the aim of designing pieces that reflect their adventurous nature. I designed tour posters, tickets, vinyl compilation tape covers (Front/Back) merch and Instagram posts to promote the anniversary celebrations both digitally and physically. 


Link to typeface for personal use! Feel free to experiment with it ︎︎︎ https://drive.google.com/file/d/16Kk8FnlioR-S2cW7OcoS1ZGKyLvTwdKG/view?usp=sharing

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